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Cakes Pricing Guide

Prices of customized cakes varies differently depending from various factors, from sizes, customization and cake designs. To give you some idea of how much our cakes ranging its prices, below we prepare a basic pricing guide to help you.

Customized Cakes Price Chart

The prices of our Customized Cakes varies from city to city. They do greatly differ from vendor to vendor too. Here in Charms Cakes we make sure our Pricing for the cakes are transparent and reasonable. We aim to provide prices that are realistic and true to the value that you will receive.

The prices our customized cakes products and cupcakes varies depending on their complexity, sizes and detail of the requested customization. To be able to provide our customers the best idea of the price range of our cakes, we provide you the cake pricing guide below.

Please note, that these are only guide and may change a bit in actual. But in most cases - these are the exact prices.

Sample pricing and serving

Size Price Servings
6" x 5" P2850 8-10 Servings
7" x 5" P3800 10-12 Servings
8" x 5" P3950 12-14 Servings
9" x 5" P5900 14-16 Servings
10" x 5" P7800 16-20 Servings
12" x 5" P9800 20-26 Servings
14" x 5" P12800 26 - 30 Servings

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