10 Cake Designs Ideas for your little boy's Upcoming Birthday

Looking for design ideas for your little one's upcoming 1st, 2nd or 7th birthday? Check out our awesome list of cake design ideas.

There could be a thousand cake design ideas out there. But sometimes we just wonder what does other local Filipino parents are choosing. We are too curious what others do.

So, for you parents that still dont have any idea as to what cake theme you wanted your your little boy's upcoming birthday, we collected all the best cake design ideas we believe perfect for your little man's birthday and listed them here for you.

Mickey Mouse Customized Cakes

At the top of our list, is Mickey Mouse.

This is an all time favorite. That little mouse which probably might be older than you is one of the most chosen design when it comes to birthday cakes. Mickey Mouse being common for Boy's Birthday Party and Minnie Mouse for Girls.

Mickey Mouse Customized Cakes

Mickey mouse Cakes are perfect for toddler's 1st Birthday to 5th Birthdays.

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Minions Customized Cakes

With the release of the Movie, Despicable Me, The Minions win the hearts of millions of children around the world. Why not? this characters are too lovable and funny. Adding them to your little one's birthday party will be sure-fire hit not only for children but for the parents too.

Minions Customized Cakes

Minions Cakes is perfect for toddler's birthdays.

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Hot Wheels Customized Cakes

Another design that tends to top our charts is the Car race theme - Hot Wheels.

Boss Baby Customized Cakes

Most of our online cake order of Hot Wheels are use for 1st Birthdays, We recommend Hot Wheels Customized Cake 5th and 7th birthdays. We dont think this is for babies.

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Jungle or Safari Animals Customized Cakes

If your little one is fun with animals and they show love of them. It would be amazing if we can have them too on their special day. With our Jungle Safari Cake's colorful design your baby will not able to resist to touch and play with it. A sure hit to the children but will leave an awe to your adult visitors.

Jungle Safari Customized Cakes

We recommend Safari Animals Customized Cakes for 1st Birthdays.

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Boss Baby Customized Cakes

Boss Baby is a new entry to our favorite list. Being one of the modern designs, it is one of the most requested designs in year 2018. Since it's movie release on April 2017 the number of events based with this theme continously to rise up. Boss Baby is no arguing cute and funny. No wonder more mommmies are still looking after of using this them for their babies special day.

Boss Baby Customized Cakes

Boss Baby cakes is no doubt best choice for 1st Birthdays.

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Disney's Cars Customized Cakes

This our shop's most selling design in 2018. Lightning McQueen Customized Cake is charting. The most requested design ever. The reason we think why is because of Jollibee's Car race theme. A lot of mommies are tending to this design because of their very limited option. This design basically match it.

Boss Baby Customized Cakes

We recommend Cars Customized Cake for 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthdays.

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Captain America Customized Cakes

We believe most Children ages 5 to 10 knows Captain America. Captain America not only the most handsome avenger, he is the 1st Avenger too. He is a total children favorite. Every month, we have a Captain America cake.

Boss Baby Customized Cakes

Captain America Customized Cakes are most requested for 1st, 5th and 10th birthdays.

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Batman Customized Cakes

Bring the Dark Knight to you little boy's special day! DC's Batman never mellow its spotlight. Despite of a long list of characters to choose from the Avengers, Batman holds still as a major choice for childrens birthday cakes.

Boss Baby Customized Cakes

For Batman Customized Cakes, we recommend them most for 1st Birthday, 5th and 10th birthdays.

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Baby Shark Customized Cakes

Another modern theme design. Baby Shark's youtube video was posted around 2016, But only took off around year 2017, Since then a lot of customized birthday cakes were created base on this design.

Boss Baby Customized Cakes

We recommend Baby Shark Customized Cake for 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthdays.

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Jollibee Customized Cakes

Finally the last cakes from our recommendation - no other than, the Jollibe Cake it self.

Boss Baby Customized Cakes

These Jollibee Customized Cakes, we best recommend for 1st, 5th and 7th birthdays.

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Didn't found any interesting cakes for your little one? Continue browsing on our main gallery here.

Don't forget, we do customize cakes as per customers theme, so if you didn't find any deisgn in our gallery that you like, feel free to submit us your design in our messenger for quotation.